i-colloid Launches New Website

i-colloid Launches New Website

i-colloid, a product division of IMRA America, Inc. has launched its new website: nano.imra.com. The website introduces IMRA’s latest product family, i-colloids – high purity noble metal nanoparticle colloids fabricated by laser-material processing technology without chemical residuals and surfactants.

The i-colloid website delivers a clean, accessible interface that highlights a unique line of products, i-colloid Au series and their custom conjugation. It also demonstrates the company’s novel technology — high purity nanoparticles generation via pulsed laser ablation in liquid. In addition, the site features i-colloids’ many applications: immunostaining, drug delivery research, bioassay research, cellular imaging, and SERS substrates. The new design reflects the company’s mission of “World Harmony through the Development and Sharing of Science and Technology.”

Visit http://nano.imra.com for more information.

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