This photo shows high purity gold nanoparticles (i-colloid Au series) provided by IMRA.i-colloid – High purity noble metal nanoparticles

Conventional synthesis of noble metal nanoparticle colloids is based on chemical reduction of metal salts and stabilization with surfactants. IMRA has developed a novel approach of ultrafast pulsed laser ablation directly in liquid solvents, where the ablated material forms a stable colloidal suspension without using stabilizing agents. Our proprietary production method increases the gold nanoparticle surface area available for binding biomolecules and reduces the activation energy required for the binding reaction, therefore provides higher binding efficiency and total loading (Technical Note T01, Note T02).

Custom conjugation

We provide technical assistance and contract services of i-colloid Au nanoparticle conjugation with customer-defined biomolecules such as peptides,proteins, and polymers (Technical Note T03, Note T04).

i-colloid gold nanoparticle peptide conjugation and cell imaging kits

IMRA’s i-colloid gold nanoparticle kits are designed for cell imaging with dark-field optical microscopy. Gold nanoparticles are resistant to photo-blinking and photo-bleaching, allowing continuous and extended cell imaging, tracking, and analysis (Technical Note T05, Technical Note T07).