Custom Conjugation

This picture is an art illustration showing gold nanoparticle-protein conjugation.

IMRA’s i-colloid nanoparticles show exceptionally high loading of adsorbates, such as antibodies, peptides, polymers, and proteins, and this has been shown to translate into more sensitive bioassays.  We can provide technical assistance regarding conjugation of i-colloid nanoparticles with your biomolecule of interest.  More, we can go one step further and perform custom conjugation at our state-of-the-art facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Conjugates and their activity are characterized to the fullest extent possible by particle sizing, charge, and affinity binding methods.

IMRA is additionally interested in pursuing collaboration with academic and industrial institutions to develop new nanoparticle-based bioassay and biosensing techniques.  Contact IMRA to see how we can help you succeed!