This picture is an illustration showing how gold nanoparticles are produced by laser ablation in liquid at IMRA.Nano-colloid generation with pulsed laser ablation

IMRA takes the novel approach of ultrafast pulsed laser ablation directly in liquid solvents where the ablated material forms a stable colloidal suspension without using stabilizing agents. Our proprietary production method increases the gold nanoparticle surface area available for binding biomolecules and reduces the activation energy required for the binding reaction, therefore providing higher binding efficiency and total loading (Technical Note T01).

This photo shows the high purity gold nanoparticles (i-colloid Au series) produced by laser ablation in liquid at IMRA.Quality control

IMRA applies strict quality control to maintain high solvent purity, narrow particle size distribution, and batch-to-batch reproducibility. Our i-colloid Au series has been tested under a variety of environmental conditions to ensure consistent colloidal properties and reproducible performances in bioconjugation and other applications. The nanoparticles’ long term stability is also tested for at least six months to confirm the enduring monodispersion and surface chemistry. (Technical Note T02)