AuPt40 bottles

Gold-Platinum Nanoparticles

• Peroxidase-like activity for catalytic signal amplification
• Bare surface for efficient passive conjugation
• Black color optically distinct from gold
• Can be used with gold for multicolor multiplex assays

$150.00 – $270.00

Gold-platinum alloy nanoparticles (AuPt) have a black color for optically distinct assays from gold or multicolor, multiplex assays when used with gold. Gold-platinum also has a peroxidase-like activity that allows catalytic signal amplification for more sensitive detection.

Features and Advantages
• Efficient conjugation to laser-fabricated bare surface
• Passive conjugation protocols and conditions like gold
• Peroxidase-like activity for catalytic signal amplification

Average Size
(by disc centrifugation):
40 ± 5 nm

Gold-Platinum absorbs
in entire visible spectrum:
OD is measured at 400 nm

AP40-1-50 (OD1, 50 mL) – $150
AP40-1-100 (OD1, 100 mL) – $270

Bare particles in water with no capping agents or surfactants.
Contact us for higher OD or other custom purchase options.