i-colloid Products

IMRA’s i-colloid products are based on laser-fabricated nanoparticles designed with high purity and surface characteristics that allow efficient, simple, and versatile ligand conjugation for lateral flow, imaging, sensing, and other biomedical applications.

Patented methods for pulsed laser ablation of targets in liquid solvents (PLAL) generate stable colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles without surfactants or capping agents that are typically required for stabilizing conventional chemically-synthesized particles.

i-colloid Gold Nanoparticles

High-purity, laser-fabricated gold nanoparticles with bare surfaces for efficient passive conjugation for lateral flow immunoassays and tunable, sequential surface conjugation to add targeting, signaling, and other properties to its optical features.

i-colloid Gold-Alloy Nanoparticles

Gold-alloy nanoparticles combine the convenience of well-established gold surface conjugation methods with optical features distinct from pure gold nanoparticles, enabling simple, multiplexed colorimetric assays with gold nanoparticles, such as multi-color lateral flow immunoassays.

Custom i-colloid Conjugates

IMRA can provide custom conjugation to i-colloid nanoparticles. Contact us to learn more about our conjugation services.