Express Gold Kit

Express Gold Conjugation Kit

• Stable protein conjugation to 40 nm Gold
• Avidity binding retains protein functionality
• Simplify lateral flow assay development

Express Gold LF assay


  • IMRA’s Express Gold Conjugation kit enables stable protein conjugation to polymer-coated 40 nm gold nanoparticles (Activated Gold) by avidity binding. The kit features IMRA’s i-colloid gold and AnteoTech’s AnteoBind polymer and is provided with a simple protocol that does not require pH screening.

Features and Advantages

  • Quick – less than half a day to produce gold conjugates
  • Convenient – no pH screening required
  • Stable and gentle avidity binding – retain biomolecule functionality
  • Co-conjugate two proteins simultaneously
  • Reproducible antibody conjugation for consistent lateral flow results

Kit Contents: