Custom Conjugation

Optimal conditions for gold nanoparticle conjugation may vary from one biomolecule to another, and sub-optimal conditions can result in poor conjugation efficiency and particle aggregation. IMRA has expertise in the following conjugation methods for i-colloid gold and can perform custom conjugation as a collaborative or co-development project. Contact us to discuss your conjugation needs.

Passive Conjugation

Antibodies and other proteins can be passively adsorbed with high efficiency to the surfactant-free and capping agent-free surface of i-colloid gold nanoparticles.

Sequential Conjugation via Thiol-Au Binding

I-colloid gold can be multi-functionalized by sequential conjugation of ligands that bring various properties to the conjugates, such as targeting, detection, and stability. The density of multiple ligands on the gold surface can be quantitatively controlled to engineer multi-functional conjugates with tunable properties. See Technical Note T12 for more details about sequential conjugation.